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"Gigolo", comedy (2021)
2 friends – Edik and Vova - work in a barbershop and dream to scoop a large profit. They are really creative in making rich woman to pay them a lot of money. Once upon a time they meet 2 girls in a beautiful expensive car. They decide to introduce themselves as a football player and a successful IT specialist to get a great sum of money from them. But it turns out that the girls are also wrong persons and instead of earnings the guys find themselves in a wrong boat. Will Vova and Edik manage to get back their money if there are a crime boss and a policeman who want to prevent their success?

"Bad guys", TV Series
This story is about three boys from the district. They are 25 years old and don't have a permanent place of work and go with the flow of life. The guys are forced to finish the film without having a ruble in their pocket, because their lives are at stake.
Barcop (TV series) (2021)
On 15th April we started shooting our new tv-series "Barcop".
Genre - comedy.
Alexey Kalinin is a local police officer. Once upon a time he became a witness of a road traffic accident with a high-ranking person. After this accident he was fired for the official misconduct escaping the jail term. His sister helps him to find a job in a restaurant and the queue of victims moves from the office to the bar.