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"Gigolo", comedy
2 friends – Edik and Vova - work in a barbershop and dream to scoop a large profit. They are really creative in making rich woman to pay them a lot of money. Once upon a time they meet 2 girls in a beautiful expensive car. They decide to introduce themselves as a football player and a successful IT specialist to get a great sum of money from them. But it turns out that the girls are also wrong persons and instead of earnings the guys find themselves in a wrong boat. Will Vova and Edik manage to get back their money if there are a crime boss and a policeman who want to prevent their success?

«Bad guys», TV Series
This story is about three boys from the district. They are 25 years old and don't have a permanent place of work and go with the flow of life. The guys are forced to finish the film without having a ruble in their pocket, because their lives are at stake.
"Spoiled game", sports drama
About the Russian team that managed to maintain the honor of Russian basketball and to show unexampled heroism and courage of the Russian players.
«Tunnel», TV series, 8 episodes
A new story from Jana Wagner, the author of the book for the famous TV series "To the Lake". Several hundred people find themselves in a car tunnel, blocked for unknown reasons. Left alone with the unknown, people try to survive, preserving human dignity.
«I want and I will»
This is a story about a woman who's stolen herself stuck in a routine . The main idea of the movie is the importance of being honest with your dreams not living according people's opinion. It teaches you how to break your own limiting beliefs and conventions and how to realize your own great mission.
«Alaska». TV series, 12 episodes
After the sale of Alaska to America, the Russian settlers who did not want to move from there found themselves in the position of slaves, locked up in the state borders and forced to work for an American company. Defecting from the punitive squad, officer Egor Smirnov must remember his bloody trade and become a sheriff to protect his family and maintain the illusion of justice in the abandoned last Russian settlement in the Wild West.
Barcop (TV series)
Alexey Kalinin is a local police officer. Once upon a time he became a witness of a road traffic accident with a high-ranking person. After this accident he was fired for the official misconduct escaping the jail term. His sister helps him to find a job in a restaurant and the queue of victims moves from the office to the bar.