"Champion" (2023)

The father of 13-year-old Sasha dies in a stable fire, trying to save his horses. Sasha is left alone with her mother, and Jonathan's horse is the only reminder of her father. But Sasha's mom can't keep the horse and intends to sell it to a dubious buyer.

Then Sasha promises that she will win the next competitions on Jonathan, and will pay for his maintenance with prize money. Sasha needs to overcome her fears and doubts of others in order to become a true champion. Just go ahead!

Starring: Ekaterina Vilkova, Igor Sigaev, Lyudmila Artemyeva, Ilya Lyubimov, Vasilisa Korostyshevskaya, Egor Beroev, Vitaly Khaev and others.

"Anna and Vano. Bathroom and the wine" (2023)

The story of a romantic Georgian in a pragmatic Moscow. The life of an unemployed citizen of Moscow is collapsing due to the attacks of collectors. After learning that he is a descendant of Georgian winemakers, Vano develops a large-scale business in a bathroom in a rented apartment. The wine will become magical if Vano remembers a family secret.

Starring: Gia Peradze, Alyona Muratova, Natalia Zemtsova, Dasha Tsvetkova, Alexander Yatsko, Denis Sladkov, Nikita Maltsev, Maya Voznesenskaya, Nika Kvizhinadze, Roman Polyansky and others.

Comedy melodrama «I want! I will!»

Nadia has been making her choice all her life with an eye on pleasing someone or matching the environment in which she is. As a result, by the time she was 45, she found herself in a dead end. On the one hand, she has everything that many people don't have – family, university job, status. On the other hand, she doesn't feel like she's living her life.

Cast: Ekaterina Guseva, Valentina Lyapina, Andrey Nesterenko, Stanislav Duzhnikov, Igor Zizhikin, etc.

Comedy «Jigalou»

Moscow is a city of women. There are a huge number of fateful self-seeking beauties, as well as naive, financially well-off virgins eager for relationships. It is the latter who are used by Vova and Edik for commercial purposes.
One day the guys get acquainted with Olya and Rita, the widow and daughter of a recently deceased big businessman. Women are rich and naive, their hearts and wallets are open. Edik and Vova are in anticipation of enrichment. But unexpected events make the guys think that with Olya and Rita, not everything is so simple.

Starring: Mikhail Kremer, Pavel Barshak, Anna Glaube, Lina Mirimskaya, Nikita Dzhigurda, etc.

TV series «Cool Katya» on STS

The mayor of Moscow sends a crazy daughter to teach geography to high school students. To increase the rating of her father, a bold and capricious girl will have to get closer to the residents of the city and make friends with teachers.

Starring: Valeria Astapova, Gosha Kutsenko, Alyona Babenko, Anton Lavrentiev, etc.

TV series "I'm watching you" on Premier.ru

The young and zealous opera Titov unwittingly disrupts the operation of the department for combating drug trafficking. By chance, he injures one of the employees of the "outdoor" Lookout, and his partner is brought to dismissal. As punishment for the failure of the operation, Titov is transferred to the OPU — the operational search department, the "outdoor", and is appointed a partner of the Lookout. He is a professional in his field and does everything according to the textbook, which cannot be said about Titov. By chance, typical antagonists by nature and lifestyle are forced to be side by side almost 24 hours a day. Therefore, each surveillance of the partners turns into a cavalcade of events, as a result of which the crime is solved.

Starring: Timofey Tribuntsev, Ilya Ilyinykh, Georgy Martirosyan, Arina Postnikova, Irina Verbitskaya, Mikhail Tryasorukov, etc.

TV series "Alaska" (in production)

After the sale of Alaska to America, the Russian settlers who did not want to move found themselves in the position of slaves, locked up in the borders of the state and forced to work for an American company. Officer Egor Smirnov, who deserted from the punitive detachment, has to remember his bloody craft and become a sheriff in order to protect his family and maintain the illusion of justice in the last Russian settlement abandoned to the mercy of fate in the Wild West.

Sports drama "Final of four" (in production)

The film tells about a dramatic episode in the life of our country and domestic sports. On the eve of the decisive match for reaching the final of the European Club Championship of Europe, the CSKA basketball team was poisoned with a psychotropic substance. Of the ten athletes, five were in a serious condition in the hospital, the rest also felt unwell. Despite our protests, the FIBA Europe management and representatives of the Greek club Olympiacos insisted on the game. The team was threatened with a huge monetary fine and disqualification. The match took place. After the match, The New York Times published a big article: "This match will forever be a black spot on the reputation of European basketball."

Based on real event.

TV series "Tunnel" (in production)

Several hundred people find themselves in a car tunnel blocked for unknown reasons. For two days, people, left alone with the unknown, are trying to survive, preserving human dignity.

The series "Tunnel" is based on the book of the same name by Yana Wagner, the author of the literary basis of the series "Epidemic" of the bestselling platform Netflix.